Let your body do the healing.

One reason many patients favor chiropractic therapy is that it is natural and noninvasive, avoiding surgery and pills. The basic philosophy of doctors in this field is simple: by removing impingements to the communication system that sends messages to and from the brain, health is improved. Through spinal manipulation, chiropractors allow your body to access its own innate power to heal itself – optimizing the alignment within your body rather than introducing external chemicals


Heavy bags could be a pain culprit.

Carrying around a heavy purse or laptop messenger style bag everyday? You could be really messing up that shoulder and alignment. If you’re experiencing migraines, aches and pains through out your back and shoulders your bag could be the culprit. Instead try carrying a backpack that is minimal and is no more than 5-10 percent of your body weight.


Beware of basic flip flops!

Boy it’s a hot one today! While you are trying to escape the heat and stay cool, like wearing those flip flops, make sure your not doing more harm than good! 

Your feet are your biggest support systems. Make sure to choose flip flops that have a good arch support. Stay away from one size fits all!


Boating Injuries

Feeling a little sore from your weekend on the lake? Boating and water sports can lead to whiplash, muscle and ligament damage and misalignment in the cervical vertebrae.  So if you are experiencing a stiff neck, sore back or headache after your weekend, come see us!