About Dr. Sean Stewart 


Dr. Sean Stewart was born in Long Island New York and raised in New Jersey before moving to Florida with his parents during High School. He then joined the military and was stationed in Germany. After his military assignment he returned to Florida State University for an Undergraduate degree and discovered his true passion for Chiropractic.

He entered Sherman College for straight Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He graduated in 1996 with a Clinical Distinction Award and served as a representative for the World Federation of Congress for Chiropractic students. Dr. Stewart established the Stewart family Chiropractic office in Stafford, Virginia in 1997.  It was a perfect place where he could be a part of a health care service for veterans like himself. He is also Member of the Virginia Chiropractic Assoc. He provides postural screenings for the community, Schools, and Quantico marine base. 

Recently after 20 years serving Stafford, he moved to Lake Anna. He wants to service his new community and make it a full time practice closer to the lake. He enjoys kayaking, fishing, riding motorcycles and camping with his wife and children. He is committed to Chiropractic and enjoys furthering his skills to be the best chiropractor he can be.

Located in Spotsylvania Virginia. Your friendliest Spotsylvania Chiropractor..